in may of this year, dirk serries did not need to take a long drive for his drone-demonstration at the livelooping festival: the event, which featured an international cast of artists rooted in ambient and experimental sound art, took place in antwerp, just a few kilometres off his home. with a bit of foresight, serries' regular recording engineer ronald marien was also present, allowing tonefloat to now publish this work only three months after its live incarnation.
perhaps the geographical proximity explains for the particularly personal feel of serries' performance. after firmly establishing microphonics as the atmospheric branch of his fear falls burning alter ego, 'microphonics vii' shows him increasingly carving out a unique language for the project. loops and canon-techniques are still at the foundation of this 25-minute-track, but they are hardly recognisable as such any more. instead, the piece feels as though it were based on a single, discreetly shifting harmonic cycle. if microphonics releases have been getting more and more minimal over the past year, the process has arrived at a natural climax here: delicate variations in texture and tonal colour provide for a subtle sense of development and direction amidst a galaxy of oceanic calm and gentle drift.
less complex and more purified than his work with drone trio 3seconds of air, the music nevertheless shares some of its sacral ambiance – turning 'microphonics vii' into an intensely quiet mass of immersive and intimate guitar-tectonics. microphonics vii is set for late september.