dirk serries' microphonics tour 2010

most of dirk serries' time and energy in the first half of 2010 will be dedicated to microphonics, with a 13-date european tour in april, and a selected number of single dates until then.

to celebrate the european tour, a limited (300 copies) tour edition 10inch with new music will be on sale from april 10 at the concerts. remaining copies (if any) will be on sale from tonefloat only after the tour.

meanwhile, a cd edition of the debut album microphonics i-v, with extended versions, will be on sale from 16 of february in deluxe mini album cardboard sleeve with obi. connecting the mid-period ambient-moods of dirk serries' former outfit vidna obmana with the more melancholic side of his current guitar drones, microphonics i-v was, at the time of its release, welcomed as a congenial addition to his catalogue - with belgian monthly gonzo circus considering the album a logical successor to vidna obmana classic »the river of appearance«.

coinciding with the extensive european tour later this year, tonefloat is now offering microphonics i-v as a luxuriously packaged cd. all tracks included on the disc are slightly longer than the original versions, approximating the atmospheric microphonics live-sets and allowing for an even more immersive journey into what canadian magazine textura called "a glimpse into the meditative heart beating at the center of serries' music".

pre-orders are taken now from our tonefloat shop.

open strings festival, theater kikker, the netherlands, 22.01.10
cd presentation, sjaak overgaauw, wijnegem, belgium, 20.02.10
2nd european live looping festival, antwerp, belgium, 06.03.10
oude sint-martinus pastorij, westmalle, belgium, 10.04.10
living room concert, goor, the netherlands, 17.04.10
planearihomegigs, habarcq, france, 18.04.10
homey, antwerp, belgium, 19.04.10
anthony's, gent, belgium, 20.04.10
audio unit, hamburg, germany, 21.04.10
nordkraft, aalborg, denmark, 22.04.10
flowering, stockholm, sweden, 23.04.10
drone bar, copenhagen, denmark, 24.04.10
bis aufs messer, berlin, germany, 25.04.10
wendel, berlin, germany, 26.04.10
werkhaus, krefeld, germany, 27.04.10
tonefloat label night, paradox, tilburg, the netherlands, 28.04.10